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eufySecurity 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Outdoor

eufySecurity 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Outdoor

eufySecurity 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Outdoor

Are you looking for a reliable and high-quality security camera for your outdoor space? Look no further than the eufySecurity 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Outdoor. This innovative camera offers a range of features that make it the perfect choice for keeping your home and family safe.

Key Features

2K HD Resolution

The eufySecurity camera provides crystal clear 2K HD resolution, ensuring that you can see every detail in your outdoor space.

Starlight Night Vision

With advanced starlight night vision technology, this camera captures clear footage even in low-light conditions, providing round-the-clock security.

No Wi-Fi Needed

Unlike traditional security cameras, the eufySecurity camera operates on a 4G LTE cellular connection, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi and ensuring a stable and reliable connection at all times.

2-Way Audio

Stay connected to your outdoor space with the built-in 2-way audio feature, allowing you to listen and speak to visitors or potential intruders from anywhere using your smartphone.

Human Detection

The camera’s advanced AI technology accurately detects human movement, reducing false alarms and ensuring that you are only alerted to genuine security threats.

Includes EIOTCLUB SIM Card

For seamless connectivity, the eufySecurity camera comes with an EIOTCLUB SIM card, providing access to a reliable cellular network without the hassle of purchasing and installing a separate card.

Built-in Local Storage

With built-in local storage, your footage is securely stored on the camera itself, providing peace of mind that your data is safe and accessible at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the camera weatherproof?

Yes, the eufySecurity camera is designed to withstand the elements, with an IP65 weatherproof rating for reliable outdoor use.

Can I access the footage remotely?

Yes, you can view live and recorded footage from the camera using the eufySecurity app on your smartphone, providing 24/7 access to your outdoor space.

Does the camera require a power source?

Yes, the camera requires a power source for continuous operation, ensuring that it is always ready to capture any security events.


The eufySecurity 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Outdoor is a top-of-the-line security solution for any outdoor space. With its advanced features, reliable connectivity, and easy installation, it provides peace of mind and round-the-clock security for your home and family.