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ZCZN Plastic A4 Form Storage Box Case

ZCZN Plastic A4 Form Storage Box Case

This is a versatile storage box case made of plastic, suitable for various purposes such as school, utility, industrial office, and medical personnel. It comes in black color.

Clipboard Case

This clipboard case is designed for easy and convenient use, providing a sturdy surface for writing and taking notes on the go.

Suitable for School

With its durable construction, this storage box case is perfect for keeping school supplies organized and protected.


It serves as a useful tool for various utility purposes, offering a secure and portable storage solution.

Industrial Office

For industrial office settings, this storage box case provides a practical way to store and transport important documents and forms.

Medical Personnel

Medical personnel can benefit from this storage box case for keeping patient forms and records organized and easily accessible.

Overall, the ZCZN Plastic A4 Form Storage Box Case is a versatile and practical solution for organizing and storing various items in different settings. Its durable construction and convenient design make it a valuable tool for anyone in need of reliable storage.