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YIQI Silicone Muscle Chest


YIQI Silicone Muscle Chest

This is a high-quality silicone muscle chest for cosplay and Halloween props. It is designed to make the wearer look stronger and more muscular.

Male Shaper Stronger

This silicone muscle chest is perfect for male shapers who want to enhance their appearance for cosplay or other events.

Realistic Appearance

The silicone material and high collar design create a realistic appearance that is perfect for makeup and costume applications.

Comfortable Fit

Despite its realistic appearance, this muscle chest is designed for a comfortable fit and ease of movement.

Easy to Use

Simply slip on this silicone muscle chest to instantly transform your appearance for cosplay or Halloween.

High-Quality Material

This muscle chest is made from high-quality silicone for durability and a natural look and feel.

Overall, the YIQI Silicone Muscle Chest is a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their appearance for cosplay or Halloween, providing a realistic and comfortable fit.