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XIAOKEKE GPS 6K Drones with 2 Axis Gimbal EIS Camera

XIAOKEKE GPS 6K Drones with 2 Axis Gimbal EIS Camera

XIAOKEKE GPS 6K Drones with 2 Axis Gimbal EIS Camera

Are you looking for a high-quality drone that offers professional features and an exceptional flying experience? Look no further than the XIAOKEKE GPS 6K Drones with 2 Axis Gimbal EIS Camera. This quadcopter is designed for adults and beginners alike, offering advanced technology and impressive capabilities.

Key Features

High-Quality Camera

The XIAOKEKE drone is equipped with a 6K EIS camera and a 2-axis gimbal, allowing for stable and smooth footage. Whether you’re capturing aerial photography or recording videos, the camera delivers stunning results.

Long Range

With a range of 1600 meters, this drone allows you to explore and capture footage from a distance. Whether you’re flying in open spaces or capturing scenic views, the long range provides endless possibilities.

Brushless Motor

The quadcopter is powered by a brushless motor, offering a more efficient and durable performance. You can enjoy longer flight times and smoother operation with this advanced motor technology.

Wifi 5G FPV Transmission

Experience real-time transmission of high-definition footage with the drone’s Wifi 5G FPV capability. You can view the drone’s perspective on your smartphone or compatible device, adding a new dimension to your flying experience.

Auto Return

The XIAOKEKE drone features an auto return function, ensuring that the drone can safely return to its takeoff point with the press of a button. This provides peace of mind and added safety during flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this drone suitable for beginners?

Yes, the XIAOKEKE drone is designed for both adults and beginners, offering easy-to-use features and intuitive controls.

What is the flight time of the drone?

The drone offers an impressive 30 minutes of flight time, allowing for extended periods of exploration and photography.

Does the drone come with a warranty?

Yes, the XIAOKEKE drone comes with a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and support.


The XIAOKEKE GPS 6K Drones with 2 Axis Gimbal EIS Camera is a top-of-the-line quadcopter that delivers professional features and exceptional performance. Whether you’re an experienced drone pilot or a beginner looking to explore aerial photography, this drone offers the technology and capabilities to elevate your flying experience.