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XForce Plaza Anti-Theft Hard Shell Backpack

XForce Plaza Anti-Theft Hard Shell Backpack

XForce Plaza Anti-Theft Hard Shell Backpack

Are you tired of lugging around a bulky, uncomfortable backpack while traveling for business? Look no further than the XForce Plaza Anti-Theft Hard Shell Backpack. This sleek and stylish backpack is designed with the modern traveler in mind, offering both security and convenience in one package.

Key Features

Anti-Theft Design

The hard shell exterior of the XForce Plaza backpack is designed to deter theft and protect your belongings. The hidden zippers and secret pockets add an extra layer of security, giving you peace of mind while on the go.

Expandable and Slim

Despite its compact size, the XForce Plaza backpack is expandable, allowing you to fit all of your essentials without sacrificing style. The slim design makes it easy to maneuver through crowded airports and busy city streets.

Waterproof and USB Port

Never worry about your laptop or important documents getting wet in the rain. The XForce Plaza backpack is waterproof, keeping your belongings safe and dry. Plus, the built-in USB port allows you to charge your devices on the go, making it the ultimate travel companion.


  • Dimensions: 18″ x 12″ x 6″
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Material: Hard shell exterior, waterproof fabric
  • Color options: Black, Gray, Navy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the backpack suitable for a 15-inch laptop?

Yes, the XForce Plaza backpack can comfortably fit a 15-inch laptop in its padded compartment.

Can I use the USB port to charge my phone?

Yes, the USB port is compatible with all devices and can be used to charge your phone, tablet, or any other USB-powered device.


The XForce Plaza Anti-Theft Hard Shell Backpack is the perfect choice for the modern business traveler. With its sleek design, anti-theft features, and convenient USB port, it offers everything you need in a travel backpack. Say goodbye to bulky, uncomfortable bags and upgrade to the XForce Plaza backpack today.