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Vispronet Feather Flag Ground Sleeve


Vispronet Feather Flag Ground Sleeve

This is a ground sleeve with bearing designed for use with Vispronet feather flags. It is made of steel and fits poles with a 0.66in diameter. Please note that the feather flag pole and flag are not included, this is for the ground sleeve with bearing only.

Product Features

The ground sleeve is 24in in length and comes with a steel ground spike for stability. It is designed to securely hold the feather flag pole in place, making it ideal for outdoor use.


Installing the ground sleeve is quick and easy. Simply insert the steel ground spike into the ground and slide the pole into the sleeve with bearing. It provides a secure and stable base for your feather flag.

Customer Reviews

“The ground sleeve with bearing is a great addition to our feather flag setup. It keeps the flag securely in place even in windy conditions.”


Q: Can this ground sleeve be used with other types of flags?
A: It is specifically designed for use with Vispronet feather flags and may not be compatible with other flag poles.


The Vispronet Feather Flag Ground Sleeve with Bearing is a durable and reliable solution for displaying feather flags outdoors. Its steel construction and easy installation make it a great choice for businesses and events.