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VEVOR Digital Depository Safe

VEVOR Digital Depository Safe

A secure electronic code lock depository safe with deposit slot, made of durable carbon steel for home, hotel, and office use.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The depository safe is constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel with a thickened front door and body, providing resistance to impact and theft.

Electronic Lock System

Reliable electronic lock system with two sets of codes and two override keys for emergency use, keeping unauthorized users from gaining access.

Deposit Slot Design

Designed with a deposit slot and a saw-tooth edge tilting baffle to prevent intruders from fishing out contents.

Additional Security Features

Pry-proof locking bolts provide double protection for valuables stored in the depository safe.

Extensive Application

Can be easily installed on the wall, floor, or cabinet, making it suitable for home, office, and other business places.