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VEHHE Candle Lighter 2 Packs (Black & Pink)

VEHHE Candle Lighter 2 Packs (Black & Pink)

Introducing VEHHE Candle Lighter 2 Packs (Black & Pink)

Are you tired of struggling to light candles, BBQs, or stoves with traditional lighters or matches? Look no further than the VEHHE Candle Lighter 2 Packs in Black & Pink. Our innovative and stylish lighters are designed to make lighting a breeze, while also ensuring safety and convenience.

Key Features

Long Neck Design

The long neck design of our candle lighters allows you to safely light candles without the risk of burning your fingers. It also makes it easy to reach deep candle jars or lanterns.

USB Rechargeable

Say goodbye to disposable lighters. Our candle lighters are USB rechargeable, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.

Windproof and Flameless

Whether you’re lighting a candle outdoors or in a drafty room, our lighters are windproof and flameless, ensuring a reliable and consistent flame every time.

Safety Lock

Each lighter is equipped with a safety lock feature to prevent accidental ignition, providing peace of mind, especially in households with children.

Why Choose VEHHE Candle Lighter?

With the VEHHE Candle Lighter 2 Packs, you’ll never have to struggle with traditional lighters or matches again. Our lighters are not only practical and functional but also come in a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Perfect for Various Uses

Whether you need to light candles for a relaxing bath, start a campfire, or ignite a gas stove, our lighters are versatile and suitable for various applications.

Great Gift Idea

Looking for a unique and useful gift? The VEHHE Candle Lighter 2 Packs make a thoughtful and practical present for friends and family members who enjoy candles, BBQs, or outdoor activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the lighters easy to use?

Yes, our lighters feature a simple ignition button and ergonomic design, making them easy and comfortable to use.

How long does the battery last?

With a full charge, the battery can last for up to 1000 uses, providing long-lasting performance.

Is the lighter safe to use around children?

Yes, the safety lock feature ensures that the lighter cannot be activated accidentally, making it safe for households with children.


Upgrade your lighting experience with the VEHHE Candle Lighter 2 Packs in Black & Pink. Enjoy the convenience, safety, and style that our lighters offer, and never struggle with traditional lighters again.