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ToffelnPro Flex 06165 – Black

ToffelnPro Flex 06165 – Black

For those that prefer a shoe to a clog. This ProFlex slip-on has a PU sole and Action-Breathe uppers which are waterproof and stronger than leather. Slip resistant. Antistatic. Oil Resistant.


PU sole, Waterproof Action-Breathe uppers, Slip resistant, Antistatic, Oil Resistant


The PU sole and Action-Breathe uppers provide comfort and durability for long hours of wear.


The slip-resistant and oil-resistant features make these shoes perfect for a variety of work environments.


The black color and slip-on design make these shoes both practical and stylish for work.


The ToffelnPro Flex 06165 in black is a versatile and durable slip-on shoe that provides comfort, performance, and style for the workplace.