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TatonkaBarrel S Travel Bag 45 L (Titan Grey)

TatonkaBarrel S Travel Bag 45 L (Titan Grey)

The Ultimate Travel Companion: TatonkaBarrel S Travel Bag 45 L (Titan Grey)

Are you in need of a reliable and versatile travel bag for your next adventure? Look no further than the Tatonka Barrel S Travel Bag. With its 45 liters of volume and backpack shoulder straps, this bag is the perfect companion for short trips or sports activities.

Key Features

Backpack Shoulder Straps

The Tatonka Barrel S comes equipped with backpack shoulder straps, providing you with the option to carry it comfortably on your back. These straps can also be stowed in a zipper pocket on the side when not in use, offering convenience and flexibility.

Durable Construction

Made of durable and easy-care Tarpaulin material, the Tatonka Barrel S is built to withstand the rigors of travel. Its abrasion-resistant bottom ensures longevity, while the rubberized handles on both sides make handling the bag a breeze.

Spacious Design

The bag features a large zipper opening, allowing for easy packing and access to your belongings. Inside, you’ll find a flat mesh pocket with a zipper, as well as two insert pockets in the main compartment for added organization.

Additional Benefits

  • Option to fix a carrying strap (Carrying Strap 50 mm) for added convenience
  • Two stowable shoulder straps with variable attachment points (S – XXL)
  • Extra-wide handles and shoulder straps for comfortable carrying

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tatonka Barrel S suitable for air travel?

Yes, the Tatonka Barrel S is designed to meet the size requirements for carry-on luggage on most airlines.

Can the backpack shoulder straps be removed?

No, the backpack shoulder straps are not removable, but they can be stowed in a zipper pocket when not in use.


The Tatonka Barrel S Travel Bag 45 L (Titan Grey) is a versatile and durable bag that offers convenience and comfort for travelers. With its spacious design, backpack shoulder straps, and durable construction, it is the perfect companion for your next adventure.