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Tan Plastic Resin Pyramid Media

Tan Plastic Resin Pyramid Media

1/4 inch Tan Plastic Resin Pyramid (Polishing Approx 400 grit) Tumbling Or Vibratory Media 1 lbs/.45 kg | Includes a (Clean, Dry and Store) Bag | for use in Vibrating Tumbler Or Rotating Tumbler

Polishing Grit

This plastic resin pyramid media is designed for polishing at approximately 400 grit, suitable for tumbling or vibratory machines.

Effective Cleaning

The included bag allows for easy cleaning, drying, and storage of the media after use.

Versatile Use

Can be used in both vibrating and rotating tumblers for various polishing applications.

High Quality Material

The tan plastic resin pyramid media is made of durable and high-quality material for long-lasting use.

Convenient Packaging

This media comes in a 1 lb/.45 kg package, providing enough for multiple uses and projects.