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Sprayway SW285-12PK


Sprayway SW285-12PK

This is a powerful solvent degreaser that comes in a pack of 12 cans, each containing 14 oz of product.

Effective Cleaning

The Sprayway SW285-12PK is known for its ability to effectively remove grease and grime from various surfaces.

Convenient Packaging

The pack of 12 cans makes it convenient for use in commercial or industrial settings where frequent degreasing is required.

Easy to Use

With its spray nozzle, the solvent degreaser can be easily applied to the target area for quick and efficient cleaning.

Cost-Effective Solution

Despite being sold in a pack, the Sprayway SW285-12PK offers a cost-effective solution for degreasing needs.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Sprayway SW285-12PK Solvent Degreaser is a reliable and efficient product for tackling tough grease and grime, making it a valuable addition to any cleaning arsenal.