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Spotless Water System – Say Goodbye to Hard Water Spots

Spotless Water System – Say Goodbye to Hard Water Spots

Spotless Water System – Say Goodbye to Hard Water Spots

Are you still worrying about hard water spots after car washing? Hard water spots can destroy your vehicle’s finish. Filterelated Spotless Car Washer is a water deionizer system that takes out all of minerals in your water. So You Just Need WASH, RINSE, THEN WALK AWAY!

Spot-Free Washing for All Your Vehicles and More

With Filterelated Spotless Water System For Car Wash, you can let your car air dry and not leave any spots behind. Besides cars, Filterelated Deionized Water System is perfect for spot-free washing of your RV, boat, golf cart, motorcycle, bike, and house windows, too!

Easy Setup and Professional Results

Filterelated DI Water System Includes 617 FRP Tank, 5L Premium Mixed Bed Resin, High-Pressure Hose, Handle Belt, and 9 Product Accessories. It’s easy to set up and use. Filterelated Spotless Water Deionizer System For Car Wash works smarter, you will spend less time and money to get professional results.

Long-lasting and Replaceable Resin

Filterelated Spotless Car Wash System provides approximately 520 gallons of mineral-free and deionized water based on your water input quality. It can be filled with 5L resin to filter the water. The resin is replaceable after 520 gallons of mineral-free and deionized water.

Simple Installation

When you receive Filterelated Car Washer, you need to pour 5L resin into the tank, install the parts on the tank, connect the hose to your garden faucet, then you’re ready to start cleaning. If you have any questions about the spotless water system, please feel free to contact Filterelated.


Before use, please ensure that all accessories are tightly connected and the tank head is tightly tightened. Otherwise, incomplete filtration may occur.