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Shield AutocareW-SH5-500×350

Shield AutocareW-SH5-500×350

Upgrade Your Vehicle with Shield AutocareW-SH5-500×350 Cassette Windows

Are you looking to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your camper van or horsebox? Look no further than Shield AutocareW-SH5-500×350 Cassette Windows. These windows are designed to provide convenience, style, and durability for your vehicle conversion project.

Key Features

  • Quality acrylic double-glazed pane
  • Integrated roller blackout blind and fly net screen
  • Fly net screen and blackout roller blinds can be clipped together and simultaneously adjusted with just one hand
  • The blind has a white-cream interior with an aluminum coating to the outside which aids with thermal insulation

Easy Installation

Shield AutocareW-SH5-500×350 Cassette Windows are designed for quick and simple installation. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional, you’ll appreciate the ease of fitting these windows onto your vehicle. The outer and inner frames are simply screwed together from the inside, clamping the window to the vehicle wall. The inner cassette is then fixed to the inner frame to reduce the risk of damaging the blind during installation.

Long-lasting and Versatile

These windows are built to last, making them the ideal choice for replacing your current caravan window or for a new conversion project. The telescopic side arms allow for easy ventilation, while the multi-lock system on the safety catches helps prevent the window from being opened from the outside. The integrated roller blinds and fly screen add an extra layer of functionality to these windows, making them a versatile addition to your vehicle.

Measurements and Considerations

When ordering Shield AutocareW-SH5-500×350 Cassette Windows, it’s important to carefully measure your current caravan window to ensure you order the correct item. Check for sizes etched on your original window and also verify the exact cut-out size of the aperture/hole. The listing measurements stated are aperture sizes, which are the actual sizes you would cut.


Upgrade your camper van or horsebox with Shield AutocareW-SH5-500×350 Cassette Windows and enjoy the benefits of quality, convenience, and style. These windows are designed for easy installation and long-term use, making them the perfect choice for your vehicle conversion needs.