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Sattiyrch Christmas Wreath Storage Bag

Sattiyrch Christmas Wreath Storage Bag

Sattiyrch Christmas Wreath Storage Bag

Are you tired of struggling to find a safe and convenient way to store your holiday wreaths? Look no further than the Sattiyrch Christmas Wreath Storage Bag. This innovative storage solution is designed to keep your artificial Christmas wreaths protected and organized, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Key Features

Durable Construction

The Sattiyrch Christmas Wreath Storage Bag is made of high-quality 600D canvas, providing superior protection against dust, moisture, and pests. The sturdy material ensures that your wreaths will stay in pristine condition while in storage.

Dual Zippered Design

With dual zippers, this storage bag allows for easy access to your wreaths. You can effortlessly place your wreath inside and zip it up securely, knowing that it will be well-protected until the next holiday season.

Reinforced Handles

Carrying and transporting your wreaths is a breeze thanks to the two stitch-reinforced canvas handles. You can confidently lift and move the bag without worrying about the handles giving out.


  • Material: 600D canvas
  • Color: Red
  • Size: 30 inches


Can this storage bag fit large wreaths?

Yes, the 30-inch size is spacious enough to accommodate most standard-sized wreaths.

Is the material water-resistant?

Yes, the 600D canvas provides excellent protection against moisture.

Can I store other holiday decorations in this bag?

While it is designed specifically for wreaths, you can certainly use it to store other decorations such as garlands or lights.


The Sattiyrch Christmas Wreath Storage Bag is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their holiday decorations organized and in top condition. With its durable construction, convenient features, and ample size, this storage bag is the perfect solution for storing your artificial Christmas wreaths. Say goodbye to damaged or misplaced wreaths, and hello to hassle-free holiday storage!