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S’AFIELINA Hollywood Vanity Mirror


S’AFIELINA Hollywood Vanity Mirror

This Hollywood vanity mirror features a 360掳 rotation and touch screen control, with 3 colors dimmable adjustable brightness.

360掳 rotation Dressing Table Mirror with Lights

This dressing table mirror comes with lights and a 360掳 rotation feature for easy use.

Round 褎40cm Touch Screen Control Vanity Mirror

This round vanity mirror has a diameter of 40cm and is controlled by touch screen for convenience.

3 Colors Dimmable Adjustable Brightness Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror offers 3 colors and adjustable brightness for customized makeup application.

BlacknanS’AFIELINA Hollywood Vanity Mirror

This Hollywood vanity mirror comes in a sleek black color for a stylish addition to any dressing table.

Makeup Mirror with Lights Round

This makeup mirror features built-in lights and a round design for a professional makeup application experience.