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Ryobi RRT4-120GA15 4V Cordless Rotary Tool

Ryobi RRT4-120GA15 4V Cordless Rotary Tool

Ryobi RRT4-120GA15 4V Cordless Rotary Tool

Introducing the latest addition to Ryobi’s cordless range: the 4V USB Rotary Tool, designed for engraving, polishing, sculpting, and more! With no need for a power socket, this cordless tool is perfect for hobbyists and DIYers. It offers a range of 5,000-25,000 RPM, providing users with the power to cut, grind, and sand most materials with ease. The variable speed dial allows for precise speed adjustment to suit different applications, and the lightweight design makes it easy to use in confined workspaces. The innovative Quick-Change 3.2mm Collet makes switching accessories twice as fast, simplifying the process of changing attachments. The tool comes with a 15-piece accessory set, including attachments for cutting, sharpening, grinding, engraving, sanding, and polishing various materials.

Key Features

1. Cordless and Portable

The cordless design of the Ryobi RRT4-120GA15 makes it convenient and portable for use in various settings. Whether you’re working in your garage or outside, this tool provides the flexibility you need.

2. Variable Speed Control

The variable speed control allows for fine adjustments, making it suitable for a variety of materials and applications. From delicate engraving to heavy-duty grinding, this tool can handle it all.

3. Quick-Change Collet

The Quick-Change 3.2mm Collet simplifies the process of changing accessories, saving you time and effort during your projects.


  • Cutting attachments
  • Sharpening attachments
  • Grinding attachments
  • Engraving attachments
  • Sanding attachments
  • Polishing attachments


How long does the battery last?

The Ryobi RRT4-120GA15 can sand pine for up to 20 minutes on a single charge.

Is the battery removable?

Yes, the tool runs on a removable 4V 2.0Ah USB Lithium battery.


The Ryobi RRT4-120GA15 4V Cordless Rotary Tool is a versatile and convenient tool for a wide range of applications. With its cordless design, variable speed control, and quick-change collet, it offers the flexibility and ease of use that hobbyists and DIYers need. Whether you’re engraving, polishing, sculpting, or performing other tasks, this rotary tool is a valuable addition to any toolkit.