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Rrtizan Heated Vest – Stay Warm and Cozy

Rrtizan Heated Vest – Stay Warm and Cozy

Rrtizan Heated Vest – Stay Warm and Cozy

Are you tired of feeling cold and uncomfortable during outdoor activities in winter? Look no further! The Rrtizan Heated Vest is here to keep you warm and cozy. With its innovative design and advanced heating technology, this vest is a must-have for both men and women.

Heating Sheets and 3 Temperature Controls

The newly upgraded 2023 Rrtizan Heating Vest features 9 heating pads with the latest carbon fiber design and imported high-quality TPU heating pads. These pads heat up fast and provide warmth to the left abdomen, right abdomen, shoulders, back neck, and lower back. By promoting blood circulation and relieving muscle soreness, this vest is perfect for people who often experience bone pain on cold or rainy days.

Fashionable Hooded Washable Heated Vest

This sleeveless heated jacket is made of waterproof and windproof fabric on the outer layer, with cotton material filling in the middle. It also includes 9-zone heating sheets and a fleece inner layer to ensure that the temperature lasts longer. The material is comfortable and skin-friendly, and it does not wrinkle easily. The vest is easy to care for and can be machine washed (in a laundry bag) or hand washed. It can be worn inside a coat or directly outside, providing both style and warmth.

How to Use

Using the Rrtizan Heated Vest is simple and convenient. Just pull out the USB plug inside the vest and connect it to a power bank (power bank not included). Long press the power button for 3 seconds to start the heating function. The vest has 3 heating levels, which can be adjusted by pressing and holding the temperature control switch for 1 second. It is important to keep the power bank connected at all times during use to ensure continuous heating. The vest also features a zippered pocket for carrying the power bank, making it even more convenient for you.

Intimate Design & Extensive Use

The Rrtizan Heated Vest is designed with your comfort in mind. It features a hood with a drawstring, allowing you to adjust the fit and prevent wind from entering your neck. The vest also has double side pockets to keep your hands warm and an elasticated design at the bottom to prevent cold wind from entering. Whether you’re riding a motorcycle, hiking, skiing, fishing, or simply going about your daily activities, this electric vest is perfect for all outdoor adventures. It also makes a thoughtful and warm gift for elders, relatives, and friends.

Care and Warranty

The Rrtizan Heated Vest is machine washable and hand washable. Before washing, remember to remove the power supply and put the USB cable in the pocket, then zip it up. If machine washing, place the vest in a laundry bag to protect it. We offer a 1-year warranty on our product, so if you encounter any problems, feel free to contact us at any time. We are committed to providing you with excellent after-sales service.


Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying outdoor activities. Stay warm and cozy with the Rrtizan Heated Vest. With its fashionable design, advanced heating technology, and user-friendly features, this vest is a game-changer. Order yours today and experience the ultimate comfort and warmth!