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Rossetti庐 Milano 11 Piece Made in Italy Quality Cookware Set

Rossetti庐 Milano 11 Piece Made in Italy Quality Cookware Set

Upgrade Your Cooking Experience with Rossetti庐 Milano Cookware Set

Are you tired of using old, worn-out cookware that doesn’t deliver the results you desire? Look no further than the Rossetti庐 Milano 11 Piece Made in Italy Quality Cookware Set. This set is designed to upgrade your cooking experience and provide you with the tools you need to create delicious meals every day.

Made in Italy: A Mark of Quality and Design

When it comes to cookware, nothing beats the quality and design of Italian craftsmanship. That’s why Rossetti庐 Milano is proud to exclusively manufacture their cookware in Italy. With the latest technology and the finest materials available in the industry, you can trust that this cookware set is built to last.

Essentials for Everyday Cooking

This 11 piece cookware set includes all the essentials you need in the kitchen. It features a 28cm Casserole, perfect for cooking bigger portions. The 18cm Saucepan is ideal for cooking sauces and steaming vegetables for smaller portions. The 24cm Frying Pan is perfect for quick sautés or omelettes, while the 24cm Wok Pan is great for tossing and turning stir-fry noodles, vegetables, and rice. Lastly, the 28cm Grill Pan is perfect for grilling steaks and braising meats.

SmartRest Feature Design

Unlike other cookware sets, Rossetti庐 Milano includes extra big tools for larger carrying capacity and easy serving. The SmartRest feature design allows your tools to rest on any cookware for short periods of time, leaving your worktop free from clutter. Say goodbye to messy countertops and hello to a more organized cooking experience.

Scratch-Resistant and Safe to Use

The Rossetti庐 Milano cookware set is extremely resistant to scratches both inside and outside the cookware. It is suitable for use on all heat sources except induction. The set is also PFOA and PTFE free, ensuring that you can cook with peace of mind. The heavy metal-free, 100% safe to use coatings both inside and outside the pan provide efficient heat distribution and make cleaning a breeze. Plus, the set is dishwasher safe for added convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this cookware set suitable for induction cooktops?

No, the Rossetti庐 Milano cookware set is not suitable for induction cooktops. It is compatible with all other heat sources.

2. Can I use metal utensils with this cookware set?

It is recommended to use wooden or silicone utensils to prolong the lifespan of the non-stick coating. Metal utensils may cause scratches.

3. Is the cookware set dishwasher safe?

Yes, the Rossetti庐 Milano cookware set is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.


Upgrade your cookware to the Rossetti庐 Milano 11 Piece Made in Italy Quality Cookware Set and elevate your cooking experience. With its heat-resistant handles, scratch-resistant coating, and versatile range of pans, this set is perfect for everyday use. Trust in the quality and design that comes with the “Made in Italy” mark and enjoy cooking delicious meals with ease.