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Rolling Cut Sharpener

Rolling Cut Sharpener

A high-quality sharpener for any hardness of steel knives, with industrial diamond and four grinding angles.

Walnut Cut Sharpener

A sharpener made with walnut material, providing a durable and stylish design for your knives.

Industrial Diamond

The use of industrial diamond ensures a long-lasting and effective sharpening process for your knives.

Four Grinding Angles

This sharpener offers four different grinding angles of 15°, 18°, 20°, and 22°, allowing you to choose the best angle for your knives.

Kitchen Knives Cut Sharpener Kit

A complete kit for sharpening kitchen knives, providing all the tools and angles needed for a professional result.

Steel Knives Sharpness Test

We conducted a sharpness test on various steel knives using the Rolling Cut Sharpener, and the results were impressive. The knives became razor-sharp with just a few passes through the sharpener.