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Rite Angler Oval Shaped Egg Sinker Kit


Rite Angler Oval Shaped Egg Sinker Kit

This kit includes 30 oval shaped egg sinkers of various weights, designed for saltwater fishing and trolling.

Sinker Weight Variety

The kit offers a range of sinker weights to accommodate different fishing conditions and target species.

Durable Construction

These sinkers are made with high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing.

Easy to Use

The oval shape of the sinkers allows for smooth trolling and minimizes snags, making them user-friendly for anglers of all levels.

Effective Performance

Anglers have reported increased success rates in catching saltwater fish using these egg sinkers.


The Rite Angler Oval Shaped Egg Sinker Kit is a versatile and reliable option for saltwater fishing, offering a variety of weights and durable construction for effective performance.