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Rehamo Shower Chair Stool with Arms

Rehamo Shower Chair Stool with Arms

Rehamo Shower Chair Stool with Arms

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Ergonomic Design

This bath shower chair stool from Rehamo features a comfortable seat and back. It is designed with proper drainage holes to prevent water build-up on the surface. The multiple holes allow water to escape easily. With a seat-width of 41 cm and depth of 29 cm, this shower chair is suitable for people with different weights. It can also be used as a medical shower stool.


Buy a durable shower chair that will last. The Rehamo Shower Chair Stool is made of an impact-resistant composite seat. It has a lightweight and folding design, making it easy to transport and store. Despite its low cost, this hospital shower chair is of high quality and will leave you impressed. Get bath stools for seniors to help them stay safe during bathing.


The height and overall dimension of the stool shower chair have been carefully defined to provide maximum balance to the users. This hospital bathroom chair maintains a perfect balance on the ground, reducing the risk of slips and falls. It is a perfect fall prevention equipment and portable bath chair for elderly and disabled individuals. Use this medical bath chair with confidence and stay worry-free during bath time.

Lightweight Frame

This shower room chair is made of lightweight and high-strength aluminium alloy. It can easily withstand a weight of 140 kgs. The portable shower and bathroom seats for the elderly come with 4 extra-wide non-slip rubber feet, ensuring stability on any wet surface. Use this comfortable shower chair confidently in your shower room. It is also adjustable to suit your needs.

Rust Quotient

Rehamo is known for producing heavy-duty shower stools. This bathroom stool for bathing is made of high-quality raw materials and undergoes a series of quality checks. The handicap shower stool or mobility shower chairs for disabled individuals are built to last and ensure the best care for your loved ones. The bath chair with back supports the spinal cords, providing additional comfort and safety.

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The Rehamo Shower Chair Stool with Arms is a reliable and comfortable option for patients, disabled individuals, and seniors. Its ergonomic design, durability, balance, lightweight frame, and rust resistance make it an excellent choice for anyone in need of a shower chair. Invest in this adjustable bath stool and provide a safe bathing experience for your loved ones.