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Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlights High Lumens

Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlights High Lumens

Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlights High Lumens

Are you looking for the perfect spotlight for your outdoor adventures? Look no further! Our rechargeable spotlight flashlights with high lumens are here to light up your world. With 90000 lumens LED spotlight, 3 main modes, and 4 colors filter, this is the ultimate tool for fishing, camping, hunting, and more.

Handheld Portable: Super Bright Spotlight

Ergonomic handheld searchlight, super light and super bright, very convenient to carry. The beam can reach 90,000 lumens, and the illumination distance exceeds 1,640 feet and 500 meters. Also comes with 3 detachable blue, yellow, and red filters, it can be used as a colorful ambient light for family camping, hunting, and yard decoration. The handheld spotlight flashlight is also great for hiking, fishing, sailing, and other outdoor activities.

Multiple Choices: Main Light & Side Light

The multifunctional LED spotlight has 3 main light modes: High/Medium/Strobe, making it a long-life high lumen spotlights searchlight. You can use it for different lighting needs. 3 side light modes: High/Low/Emergency. Sidelight 3.1-inch large size floodlight. No flickering and dizziness, effectively avoid eye fatigue caused by flickering light and dazzling glare. If you are repairing, working, or reading, our soft floodlight is the best choice.

Charging Mode: USB & Solar

The rechargeable spotlight flashlights with high lumens has two charging modes: USB charging (4-5 hours) – a built-in charging input port, which can be charged via the included USB cable. The USB output port can be used as an emergency power source to charge the phone. It’s a powerhouse in your hands, and you’ll love it. Solar charging (10-20 hours) – The searchlight can be charged by solar energy. So it is very convenient when walking or hiking outdoors.

Premium Material: Durable & Waterproof

This hand held spotlights LED rechargeable is made of impact-resistant ABS and aluminum alloy housing. The hand-held searchlight made of high-quality materials can easily handle water drops and other scratches you will encounter and is very durable. What’s more, the super sealing and IPX6 waterproof rating will bring great convenience to your outdoor travel, allowing you to work normally on high temperatures, rainy or snowy days.


Despite our best efforts, we still cannot guarantee that our LED searchlights will be 100% trouble-free. So the rechargeable spot lights provide 2 years of free replacement service and 7*24 hours customer service guarantee. If you receive a defective spotlight, please contact us and we will send you a replacement unit immediately for free. No return is required.

Perfect Gift: Spotlight Kit – You will get: 1*3 Lights, 1*Data Cable, 1*Spotlight (BATTERY Included), 1*Packing Box, the beautifully packaged searchlight is very suitable for giving to partners, family, friends, colleagues. LED Spotlight will give them a new experience!