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RIDEXRidex 82B0382 Brake Disc Set of 2


RIDEXRidex 82B0382 Brake Disc, Set of 2

This is a high-quality brake disc set from RIDEXRidex, designed to provide reliable and efficient braking performance. The set includes two brake discs, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for brake replacement.

Product Features

The RIDEXRidex 82B0382 Brake Disc set is made from durable materials and is precision-engineered for a perfect fit. The discs are designed to provide excellent heat dissipation and reduce brake fade, ensuring consistent and reliable braking performance.


Installing the RIDEXRidex 82B0382 Brake Disc set is straightforward and can be done by following the manufacturer’s instructions. It is recommended to have the discs installed by a professional mechanic for optimal safety and performance.


Customers who have used the RIDEXRidex 82B0382 Brake Disc set have reported improved braking performance and reduced noise compared to their previous brake discs. The set is designed to deliver smooth and responsive braking, providing peace of mind for drivers.


The RIDEXRidex 82B0382 Brake Disc set is a reliable and high-quality option for those in need of brake replacement. With its durable construction and excellent performance, it is a worthwhile investment for maintaining safe and efficient braking on the road.

Customer Testimonial

“I recently installed the RIDEXRidex 82B0382 Brake Disc set on my car, and I’m impressed with the improvement in braking performance. The discs are well-made and have made a noticeable difference in my driving experience.” – John, satisfied customer