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QSWL HDPE Sun Shading Net

QSWL HDPE Sun Shading Net

QSWL HDPE Sun Shading Net

Protect your garden from the harsh sun with the QSWL HDPE Sun Shading Net. With a 70-80% shading rate, this sunscreen fabric is perfect for outdoor use. Whether you have a garden patio, porch, or pavilion, this sun-proof sunshade net will provide the shade you need.

Main Features

High-Quality Material

The QSWL HDPE Sun Shading Net is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), ensuring durability and long-lasting use. The material is also resistant to tearing and fraying, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

Easy Installation

With grommets included, the sun shading net can be easily installed in your garden or outdoor space. Simply use hooks or ropes to secure the net in place, providing instant shade and protection.

Multiple Sizes Available

Whether you need a small 4x4m net or a larger size, the QSWL HDPE Sun Shading Net comes in various dimensions to suit your specific needs. Choose the size that best fits your garden or outdoor area.

Benefits of Sun Shading Net

Using a sun shading net in your garden or outdoor space offers several benefits, including:

  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Prevention of heat stress on plants
  • Creation of a comfortable outdoor environment
  • Reduction of energy costs by providing natural shade


What is the shading rate of the net?

The shading rate of the QSWL HDPE Sun Shading Net is 70-80%, providing ample protection from the sun.

Can the net be used in windy conditions?

Yes, the durable HDPE material and grommets allow the net to withstand moderate wind conditions.

Is the net easy to clean?

Simply hose down the net with water to remove any dirt or debris. For stubborn stains, mild soap can be used.


The QSWL HDPE Sun Shading Net is an essential addition to any garden or outdoor space. With its high-quality material, easy installation, and multiple size options, it provides the perfect solution for sun protection. Enjoy a comfortable and shaded environment while protecting your plants from the harsh sun.