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Puffin Plastics Football Boot Display Case (Double) – Mirror Base

Puffin Plastics Football Boot Display Case (Double) – Mirror Base

Showcase Your Prized Football Boots with Puffin Plastics

Are you a football enthusiast with a collection of prized football boots? Look no further than the Puffin Plastics Football Boot Display Case. Our double case is designed to showcase your favorite boots in style, with a touch of elegance.


Mirror Base

The display case features a mirror base, adding a touch of sophistication to your football boot collection. The mirror base reflects the boots, creating a stunning visual effect that will impress any onlooker.

Durable Construction

Our display case is made from high-quality, durable plastics that are built to last. The sturdy construction ensures that your football boots are well-protected and displayed in the best possible way.

Easy Access

The case is designed for easy access, allowing you to effortlessly place and remove your football boots whenever you want to admire or showcase them. The transparent cover also keeps your boots dust-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the display case easy to assemble?

Yes, the display case is easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions for your convenience.

Can the case accommodate different sizes of football boots?

Yes, the case is designed to accommodate various sizes of football boots, making it suitable for different collections.


The Puffin Plastics Football Boot Display Case is the perfect way to showcase and protect your prized football boots. With its elegant design, durable construction, and easy access features, it’s a must-have for any football enthusiast. Get yours today and elevate your football boot collection to a whole new level!