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Professional Condenser Microphone Combo

Professional Condenser Microphone Combo

This professional condenser microphone combo includes a cardioid mic kit with an adjustable suspension scissor arm, shock mount, and pop filter. It is perfect for studio recording, broadcasting, and gaming.

Adjustable Mic Suspension Scissor Arm

The adjustable mic suspension scissor arm allows for easy positioning and adjustment of the microphone for optimal recording and broadcasting.

Cardioid Professional PC Mic Kit

The cardioid professional PC mic kit provides high-quality sound capture with minimal background noise, making it ideal for professional use.

Shock Mount for Studio Recording

The shock mount included in this combo helps to reduce vibrations and handling noise, ensuring clear and professional studio recordings.

Pop Filter for Broadcasting & Gaming

The pop filter included in this combo helps to eliminate plosives and other unwanted sounds, making it perfect for broadcasting and gaming.


This condenser microphone combo is a versatile and professional option for anyone looking to improve their studio recording, broadcasting, or gaming setup.