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PESOMA Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan with LED Light

PESOMA Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan with LED Light

PESOMA Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan with LED Light

Are you tired of feeling hot and uncomfortable while working at your desk or cooking in the kitchen? Look no further than the PESOMA Powerful Rechargeable 1.5 Watts Table Fan with 21 SMD LED Light. This innovative and versatile table fan is designed to provide you with a cool breeze and bright light wherever you need it.

Main Features

Powerful and Rechargeable

The PESOMA table fan is equipped with a powerful 1.5 watts motor that provides a strong and consistent breeze. It is also rechargeable, allowing you to use it cordlessly for added convenience.

21 SMD LED Light

In addition to its cooling capabilities, this table fan also features a built-in 21 SMD LED light. Whether you need extra illumination while working or a gentle night light, this fan has got you covered.


With its compact and portable design, this table fan is perfect for use in the home, office, or kitchen. It can be placed on a desk, countertop, or even mounted on the wall for maximum versatility.


  • Power: 1.5 Watts
  • LED Light: 21 SMD
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Color Options: Multi-color


Is the fan noisy?

No, the PESOMA table fan operates quietly, allowing you to work or relax without any disturbance.

How long does the battery last?

The battery can last for several hours on a single charge, depending on the fan speed and light usage.


The PESOMA Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan with LED Light is a must-have for anyone looking to stay cool and comfortable in any setting. Its powerful breeze and bright light make it a versatile and practical addition to any space. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to convenience with this innovative table fan.