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NTK Omaha GT 5-4 Person Tent


NTK Omaha GT 5-4 Person Tent

This is a 9×9 ft camping tent with waterproof dome, breathable mesh, and 2 doors. It is an instant tent for 5 people and is suitable for warm and cold weather outdoor camping.

Waterproof Dome

The waterproof dome of the NTK Omaha GT 5-4 Person Tent ensures that you stay dry even in rainy conditions.

Breathable Mesh

The breathable mesh design allows for ventilation while keeping insects out, providing a comfortable camping experience.

Two Doors

With two doors, this tent offers easy access and added convenience for multiple campers.

Instant Setup

The instant setup feature makes it quick and easy to set up the tent, saving time and effort.

Warm & Cold Weather

Designed to withstand both warm and cold weather, this tent is versatile for various outdoor conditions.