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NKF Remote for SEIKI TV


NKF Remote for SEIKI TV

This is a remote control designed for SEIKI TV models LC-32G82, SC391TS, SE55GH01, SE551GS, SE241TS, SE391TS, and SC601GS.


This remote is compatible with a wide range of SEIKI TV models, making it a versatile and convenient option for controlling your television.

Easy to Use

The NKF remote is designed for ease of use, with simple and intuitive controls that make navigating your TV a breeze.

Convenient Features

With features such as dedicated buttons for popular streaming services and a comfortable ergonomic design, this remote offers a convenient and enjoyable user experience.

Customer Reviews

“I love how easy it is to use this remote with my SEIKI TV. It’s made navigating through channels and apps so much simpler!” – Sarah M.


The NKF Remote for SEIKI TV is a reliable and user-friendly option for controlling your television, with compatibility for a wide range of SEIKI TV models and convenient features that enhance the viewing experience.