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MK3 Tactical Chest Rig


MK3 Tactical Chest Rig

The MK3 Tactical Chest Rig is a versatile and durable vest designed for outdoor activities such as airsoft, hunting, and military combat. It features MOLLE webbing for attaching additional pouches and accessories, as well as magazine pouches for convenient storage.

Mini Outdoor Airsoft Hunting Vest

This mini chest rig is perfect for outdoor airsoft and hunting activities. It provides a lightweight and comfortable option for carrying essential gear while on the move.

MOLLE Duty Vest

The MOLLE duty vest is designed for heavy-duty use, with a modular webbing system that allows for customization and expansion with compatible accessories.

Military Combat Carrier Chest Vest

This chest vest is ideal for military combat scenarios, providing a secure and reliable platform for carrying equipment and supplies.

Magazine Pouch

The integrated magazine pouches on the chest rig provide quick and easy access to ammunition, ensuring that users are always prepared for action.


The MK3 Tactical Chest Rig is a versatile and reliable option for outdoor enthusiasts and military personnel, offering a range of features to meet various needs in the field.