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MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar for Curved Monitor

MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar for Curved Monitor

MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar for Curved Monitor

Introducing the MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar, a revolutionary product designed to enhance your viewing experience and protect your eyes. With its unique features and innovative design, this monitor light is perfect for gaming, work, and relaxation.


  • RGB backlight with three lighting modes
  • Stepless dimming and customizable display light temperature
  • Curved screen design with asymmetrical surround projection
  • 100 LED light beads for true color restoration
  • Wireless remote control with six modes
  • USB power supply and space-saving installation

Born for E-Sports

The MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar is designed with gamers in mind. With 100 Ra97 LED lamp beads, it restores true color without visible flicker, protecting your eyes from fatigue during long gaming sessions. The built-in ARM processor and 40 RGB lamp beads enhance the immersive gaming experience, making every moment more exciting and engaging.

Mini Desktop Controller

With a 45mm mini cylindrical remote control, the MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar offers convenient wireless operation. The six modes can be easily exchanged with the touch of a button, and the built-in long-life button lithium battery ensures safe and environmentally friendly usage. The remote control puts the power of customization in your hands, allowing you to create the perfect lighting environment for any activity.

Adjusted for Your Needs

Featuring stepless adjustment and customizable color temperature (6000K-2900K), the MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar allows you to tailor the lighting to your preferences. Whether you prefer warm light for relaxation or cool light for improved work efficiency, this monitor light has the flexibility to meet your needs. The power-off memory design ensures that your settings are preserved, making it easy to pick up right where you left off.

USB Power Supply

Powered by USB, the MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar offers versatile installation options. Whether you use an adapter (5V 2A recommended) or the included data cable, you can enjoy the benefits of this innovative monitor light without hassle. The breakthrough design allows for installation on the top of the display, saving valuable desktop space and providing a clean, clutter-free setup.


The MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar is a game-changer in the world of monitor lighting. With its unique features, innovative design, and focus on user experience, this monitor light is a must-have for gamers, professionals, and anyone who values eye protection and enhanced viewing quality. Say goodbye to eye strain and subpar lighting, and say hello to a new level of visual enjoyment with the MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar.