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LANSAND Mini Drones for Kids Beginners Adults

LANSAND Mini Drones for Kids, Beginners, Adults

LANSAND Mini Drones for Kids, Beginners, Adults

This is a New Defined Mini Drone, and a Flying Car, which is the Newest and Most Innovative Version in All Mini Drones in 2022. Equipped with 2 in 1 Land Mode and Fly Mode, it can perform not only as a mini drone but also a speedy toy racing car (on a smooth surface), providing you with a much higher performance experience than all current mini drones in the market. You can enjoy both flying fun and racing fun from it but only spend as much as a mini drone.

Durable, Safety and Easy

  • Durable: The body of this drone is made from resistant PVC material which is used on racing car toys, so it can withstand an impact speed of 35 Miles/Hour.
  • Safety: The full propeller guards are made from Nylon ABS Plastic, which fully cover all propellers to prevent children from getting hurt by the rotating propellers. The One key emergency stop function of this indoor drone can launch in a snap to avoid any damage to the drone, furniture, people, or pets nearby.

Nice Shape and LED Light

  • Shape: This Drone is made in the shape of a racing car. When it flies, it performs much like a cool flying racing car, not only a drone.
  • LED Light: The small drone is also equipped with cool vivid running LED lights, which give this drone a sense of mystery and technology.

Fun for Kids and Adults

3 speed modes, race car mode, 3D flips, headless mode can bring a lot of fun to Kids as well as adults.

  • 3 Speed Modes: Kids can play it under the speed mode of low and medium and take fuller control of this drone. Adults can play it under the fast speed mode to feel the fast and furious.
  • Race Car Mode: In the race car mode, this drone can move forward, turn left or turn right when running on the smooth ground.

Great Gift for Boys and Girls

2 Pack with 4 Batteries – 2 drones and 4 batteries are included in 1 package. One blue and one red. The 2.4Ghz remote enables 2 players to fly at the same time and have a race. Each battery lasts 7 minutes, and 4 batteries provide 28 minutes of playtime. This will definitely be great entertainment for the whole family to get the whole family closer and make wonderful parent-child time.