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KorePVC 10 Kg Combo 2 Home Gym Set


KorePVC 10 Kg Combo 2 Home Gym Set

This is a home gym set that includes a 5 Ft Plain Rod, a 3 Ft Curl Rod, and a pair of Dumbbell Rods, along with gym accessories. It is designed for a complete workout at home.

Plain Rod & Curl Rod

The 5 Ft Plain Rod and 3 Ft Curl Rod are made of durable PVC material, providing a sturdy and reliable option for weightlifting exercises.

Dumbbell Rods

The included Dumbbell Rods are designed for versatile workouts, allowing for a range of exercises to target different muscle groups.

Gym Accessories

Additional gym accessories are included in the set, providing convenience and versatility for home workouts.

Quality and Durability

The set is designed to be long-lasting and reliable, ensuring that users can continue to enjoy effective workouts for an extended period of time.


The KorePVC 10 Kg Combo 2 Home Gym Set offers a comprehensive solution for home fitness, providing the tools and equipment needed for a complete workout routine.