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IGADPole 15ft(4.5m) Washing Kit

IGADPole 15ft(4.5m) Washing Kit

IGADPole 15ft(4.5m) Washing Kit

Are you tired of struggling to clean your high windows? The IGADPole 15ft(4.5m) Washing Kit is here to make your life easier. This all-in-one window cleaning set includes a water-fed brush, cobweb duster, and 10” (25cm) squeegee, all attached to a telescopic pole that extends to 15ft (4.5m). Say goodbye to dirty, streaky windows and hello to sparkling clean glass with this convenient and efficient cleaning kit.


Water-Fed Brush

The water-fed brush allows you to easily scrub away dirt and grime from your windows without the need for a separate bucket and sponge. Simply attach the brush to a hose and let the water flow as you clean.

Cobweb Duster

Use the cobweb duster to remove pesky cobwebs and dust from high corners and ceilings, ensuring that your windows stay clean for longer.

10” (25cm) Squeegee

The squeegee is perfect for removing water and streaks from the glass, leaving your windows crystal clear and spotless.

Telescopic Pole

The telescopic pole extends to 15ft (4.5m), allowing you to reach even the highest windows without the need for a ladder or risky maneuvers.


Is the pole lightweight and easy to handle?

Yes, the pole is made of lightweight aluminum and is designed for easy handling, even when fully extended.

Can I use the water-fed brush for other cleaning tasks?

Absolutely! The water-fed brush is versatile and can be used for cleaning siding, outdoor furniture, and even vehicles.

How do I attach the brush to a hose?

The brush comes with a standard hose attachment that easily connects to most garden hoses.


Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning high windows with the IGADPole 15ft(4.5m) Washing Kit. This all-in-one set makes window cleaning a breeze, allowing you to achieve sparkling clean results without the need for ladders or risky maneuvers. Invest in the IGADPole 15ft(4.5m) Washing Kit and enjoy the satisfaction of crystal clear windows with minimal effort.