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Helikim 52″ Anti Glare TV Screen Protector

Helikim 52″ Anti Glare TV Screen Protector

Helikim 52″ Anti Glare TV Screen Protector

Are you tired of dealing with glare on your TV screen? Do you want to protect your eyes from harmful blue light while watching your favorite shows and movies? Look no further than the Helikim 52″ Anti Glare TV Screen Protector. This innovative product is designed to enhance your viewing experience and keep your eyes safe from the negative effects of blue light.

Key Features

Anti-Glare Technology

The Helikim screen protector features anti-glare technology that reduces reflections and glare on your TV screen, allowing you to enjoy a clear and crisp picture without any distractions.

Blue Light Filter

With a blue light filter, this screen protector helps to reduce the amount of harmful blue light emitted by your TV, protecting your eyes from strain and fatigue during extended viewing sessions.

High Anti-Reflection Rate

With an anti-reflection rate of up to 90%, the Helikim screen protector effectively minimizes reflections and ensures that you can enjoy your favorite content without any interference from external light sources.


  • Size: 52 inches
  • Dimensions: 1161mm x 661mm
  • Material: Matte protective film
  • Easy to install and clean


Is the screen protector easy to install?

Yes, the Helikim screen protector is designed for easy installation and can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth.

Will the screen protector affect the picture quality of my TV?

No, the screen protector is designed to maintain the clarity and sharpness of your TV’s display while reducing glare and filtering out blue light.

Can I use the screen protector on other devices?

While the Helikim screen protector is specifically designed for TVs, it can also be used on computer monitors and other electronic devices with similar screen sizes.


The Helikim 52″ Anti Glare TV Screen Protector is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to protect their eyes and enhance their viewing experience. With its anti-glare technology, blue light filter, and high anti-reflection rate, this screen protector offers a range of benefits that will improve your overall TV-watching experience. Say goodbye to glare and blue light strain with the Helikim screen protector!