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GraflsoaMaker D2: The Ultimate Engraving Absorber

GraflsoaMaker D2: The Ultimate Engraving Absorber

GraflsoaMaker D2: The Ultimate Engraving Absorber

Are you tired of dealing with the mess and fumes created by your engraving machine? Look no further than the GraflsoaMaker D2, a revolutionary engraving absorber that will change the way you work. With 7 filter layers and a 99.97% filtration rate, this product is a game-changer for engravers everywhere.

The Problem

Engraving machines are essential tools for many businesses and hobbyists, but they come with a downside – the mess. The fumes and debris created during the engraving process can be harmful to your health and create a messy work environment. Traditional absorbers often fall short in providing adequate filtration, leaving you with a subpar solution to a serious problem.

The Solution

The GraflsoaMaker D2 is here to solve all of your engraving problems. With its 7 filter layers, it offers unparalleled filtration, capturing 99.97% of the fumes and debris produced during the engraving process. This means you can work in a clean, healthy environment without worrying about the negative effects of engraving byproducts.


The GraflsoaMaker D2 is compatible with a wide range of engraving machines, including NEJE and Xtool models. This versatility makes it a must-have accessory for anyone in the engraving industry.

  • Q: How often do I need to replace the filters?
  • A: The filters should be replaced after approximately 100 hours of engraving, depending on the materials being used.
  • Q: Is the GraflsoaMaker D2 easy to install?
  • A: Yes, it is designed for easy installation and can be set up in minutes.
  • Q: Can I use the GraflsoaMaker D2 with other engraving machines?
  • A: While it is specifically designed for NEJE and Xtool engravers, it may be compatible with other models as well.

Say goodbye to the mess and health hazards of traditional engraving with the GraflsoaMaker D2. Its advanced filtration technology and compatibility with popular engraving machines make it a must-have for anyone in the industry. Invest in a cleaner, healthier work environment today.