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Fostex VC-8 AD-12T AD-12 AD-12A AD-12B Replacement Adapter

Fostex VC-8 AD-12T AD-12 AD-12A AD-12B Replacement Adapter

This is a replacement adapter for Fostex VC-8 AD-12T AD-12 AD-12A AD-12B, suitable for Fostex X-14 Multitracker Multitrack Cassette Mixer and Tape Recorder X14. It provides 12V DC power supply.

Compatibility with Fostex X-14 Multitracker

This adapter is compatible with Fostex X-14 Multitracker, providing the necessary power supply for the device to function properly.

Easy to Use

The replacement adapter is easy to use and can be connected to the Fostex X-14 Multitracker without any hassle.

Reliable Power Supply

With an output of 12V DC, this adapter provides a reliable power supply to ensure the smooth operation of the Fostex X-14 Multitracker.

Compact and Portable

The replacement adapter is compact and portable, making it convenient to carry around for use with the Fostex X-14 Multitracker.

Affordable Solution

This replacement adapter offers an affordable solution for powering the Fostex X-14 Multitracker, saving you the cost of purchasing a new device.