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EvoShieldPro-Srz Catcher’s Chest Protector


EvoShieldPro-Srz Catcher’s Chest Protector

This is a high-quality catcher’s chest protector designed for baseball and fastpitch, featuring NOCSAE guard for added protection.

Comfortable and Durable Design

The chest protector is made with durable materials and designed for maximum comfort during long games.

Customizable Fit

With adjustable straps and customizable fit, this chest protector ensures a snug and secure fit for any player.

Impact Protection

The NOCSAE guard provides excellent impact protection, keeping catchers safe during intense gameplay.

Easy to Clean

The chest protector is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it stays in top condition for every game.


The EvoShieldPro-Srz Catcher’s Chest Protector is a top choice for baseball and fastpitch catchers, offering comfort, durability, and superior impact protection.