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CaldwellHigh Caliber AR500 Steel Targets

CaldwellHigh Caliber AR500 Steel Targets

High quality AR500 steel targets for precision shooting and target practice.

3/8 Inch Thickness

Thick and durable steel for long-lasting use.

Rifle Rated

Designed to withstand rifle rounds for added versatility.

Precision Shooting

Provides a precise and accurate target for honing shooting skills.

Hanging Options

Multiple hanging options available for easy setup.

Sold Separately

Hanging options sold separately for customizable setup.

Overall, the CaldwellHigh Caliber AR500 Steel Targets are a great investment for anyone looking to improve their shooting skills. The 3/8 inch thickness and rifle rating make them suitable for a variety of firearms, and the hanging options provide flexibility in setting up the targets. Whether for practice or competition, these targets are a reliable choice for shooters of all levels. With proper care and maintenance, they will last for many sessions at the range. Highly recommended for anyone serious about precision shooting.