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CASART Industrial Computer Desk – The Perfect Workstation

CASART Industrial Computer Desk – The Perfect Workstation

CASART Industrial Computer Desk – The Perfect Workstation

Are you tired of working on a cramped desk that offers no space for your essentials? Look no further! The CASART Industrial Computer Desk is here to revolutionize your workspace. With its wide tabletop, extra bookshelf, and adjustable features, it’s the ideal desk for all your needs.

Wide Desktop & Extra Bookshelf

Our industrial computer desk boasts a wide tabletop measuring 120 x 60cm. This spacious design allows you to work, study, or play games with higher efficiency. Additionally, there’s an extra open bookshelf under the desktop. You can use it to store textbooks, files, photos, or other decorations, ensuring a tidier environment.

Roomy Under Desktop Space

In addition to the open shelf, our desk provides roomy vertical clearance with a crossbar under the desktop. This feature allows you to stretch and rest your tired legs, promoting better comfort during long working hours. Furthermore, the side bottom shelf is perfect for placing your CPU stand, maximizing space utilization.

Excellent Using Experience

Reliable steel frames support the desktop, making the whole writing desk anti-rust and wear-resistant. This ensures maximum durability and stability, even during intense use. Additionally, the desk is equipped with adjustable foot pads, allowing it to stay stable without wobbling on uneven ground.

Industrial & Chic Style

The CASART Industrial Computer Desk features a retro industrial board with a black metal frame. This unique design generates an industrial and retro environment for your room, adding a touch of style to your workspace. It is perfectly suitable for different decoration styles in study rooms, offices, rented spaces, school dormitories, and any small areas.

Worry-Free Assembly & Maintenance

Setting up the writing study desk is a breeze. It comes with a detailed installation guide and numbered parts, ensuring easy installation without consuming much time and energy. Additionally, the smooth and waterproof surface can be cleaned with a simple wipe, saving you valuable time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is the desk suitable for gaming?
  • A: Absolutely! The CASART Industrial Computer Desk provides ample space for your gaming setup and accessories.
  • Q: Can the foot pads be adjusted?
  • A: Yes, the desk is equipped with adjustable foot pads to ensure stability on any surface.
  • Q: How much weight can the desk support?
  • A: The desk has a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 100kg of weight.


Upgrade your workspace with the CASART Industrial Computer Desk. Its wide tabletop, extra bookshelf, adjustable foot pads, and stylish design make it the perfect addition to any home office or study area. Experience enhanced productivity and comfort with this innovative workstation. Get yours today!