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Bryton Gardia R300 Rear Light with Rear View Radar

Bryton Gardia R300 Rear Light with Rear View Radar

Download the Bryton GARDIA app to unlock all functions of the rear view radar and taillight. The official App allows you not only to see the position of approaching vehicles, but also emits sound and vibration signals in case of incoming vehicles. You can also control the taillight directly from the app to choose your preferences and receive alerts about any available firmware updates.

Product Features

Dimensions 97 x 20.9 x 40 mm, Compatible with computer cycles that have rear-view readiness, IPX7 Waterproof, ANT+/BLE connection, Detects potential hazards up to 150 metres, Brake Detection, Multiple lighting modes, Powerful battery and intuitive battery indicator, Can also be used with the Bryton Gardia app, The attachment included is compatible with 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm, D section or aero section seatposts.

Product Review

The Bryton Gardia R300 Rear Light with Rear View Radar is a game-changer for cyclists. The radar function provides a sense of security by detecting potential hazards up to 150 meters away, and the taillight offers multiple lighting modes for different riding conditions. The ability to control the light and receive alerts through the app adds a modern touch to this essential safety accessory.

Customer Comment

“I love how the radar function gives me peace of mind when riding in traffic. The light is bright and the different modes are very useful. The app is easy to use and keeps me updated on any firmware updates.”


The radar function works by detecting the movement and speed of approaching vehicles, and the taillight automatically adjusts its brightness based on ambient light conditions. The app allows for customization of the light settings and provides real-time alerts for added safety.


The Bryton Gardia R300 Rear Light with Rear View Radar is a must-have for cyclists who prioritize safety. Its advanced features and user-friendly app make it a valuable addition to any bike.