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Betty the Toolmaker!: Supersmart Crow (Animal Masterminds)

Betty the Toolmaker!: Supersmart Crow (Animal Masterminds)

Betty the Toolmaker!: Supersmart Crow (Animal Masterminds)

Meet Betty the Toolmaker, a remarkable crow who has captured the hearts and minds of animal lovers around the world. As part of the Animal Masterminds series, Betty has been studied extensively for her incredible intelligence and problem-solving abilities.

The Amazing Betty

With her sleek black feathers and piercing eyes, Betty is a sight to behold. But it’s her brain that truly sets her apart. Betty has been observed creating and using tools to solve complex puzzles, a behavior that was once thought to be unique to humans.

Toolmaking Skills

One of Betty’s most impressive feats was when she bent a piece of wire into a hook to retrieve a basket of food from a tube. This kind of toolmaking behavior is extremely rare in the animal kingdom, and Betty’s ability to do so has astounded researchers.

Problem-Solving Abilities

Not only can Betty make tools, but she can also use them to solve a variety of problems. Whether it’s retrieving food from hard-to-reach places or navigating through complex mazes, Betty’s problem-solving skills are truly remarkable.

Intelligence and Adaptability

What makes Betty even more impressive is her ability to adapt to new situations and learn from her experiences. She has been observed using different techniques to solve the same problem, showing a level of intelligence and flexibility that is rare in the animal kingdom.


Betty the Toolmaker is a shining example of the incredible intelligence and adaptability of crows. Her ability to create and use tools to solve complex problems has challenged our understanding of animal cognition and continues to inspire researchers and animal lovers alike.