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This is the largest heading, used for the main title of the page. It is the most prominent and should be used sparingly.

LCD Pupilometer

This is a slightly smaller heading, used for section titles or major subsections of the page.

Optical PD Ruler

This heading is smaller and is used for subsections within the major sections of the page.

45-82mm Pupil Distance Meter

This heading is even smaller and is used for sub-subsections or minor sections of the page.

Visual Compensation Interpupillary Tester Scale

This heading is smaller still and is used for minor subsections or additional information within a section.

Optometry Tool

This is the smallest heading, used for minor details or footnotes within the content.

When using the BIlinliDigital LCD Pupilometer Optical PD Ruler 45-82mm Pupil Distance Meter Visual Compensation Interpupillary Tester Scale Optometry Tool, it is important to ensure accurate measurements for optimal vision correction.