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BIlinliDigital Pupilometer


BIlinliDigital Pupilometer

This is a digital pupilometer with an LCD display, adjustable visual range, and interpupillary tester scale. It is an essential tool for optometry.

Optical PD Ruler

The optical PD ruler is used to measure the pupillary distance, which is important for fitting eyeglasses.

Adjustable Visual Range

The adjustable visual range feature allows for precise measurements and ensures accurate results.

Interpupillary Tester Scale

The interpupillary tester scale helps in determining the distance between the pupils, which is crucial for proper eye care.

40-80mm Pupil Distance Meter

This pupil distance meter has a range of 40-80mm, making it suitable for a wide range of patients.

Optometry Tool

This digital pupilometer is an indispensable tool for optometrists and eye care professionals.