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BELLA21 Piece Cook Bake and Store Set

BELLA21 Piece Cook Bake and Store Set

This set includes kitchen essentials for a first or new apartment, assorted non-stick cookware, 9 nylon hassle-free cooking tools, and 5 glass storage bowls with lids. It is BPA and PFOA free.

Kitchen Essentials for First or New Apartment

This set provides all the essential cookware and tools for someone moving into their first or new apartment. It includes non-stick cookware and glass storage bowls with lids.

Assorted Non Stick Cookware

The assorted non-stick cookware in this set makes cooking and cleaning up easier. It includes pans and pots of various sizes for different cooking needs.

9 Nylon Hassle-Free Cooking Tools

The set comes with 9 nylon cooking tools that are hassle-free and safe to use with the non-stick cookware. These tools make cooking more convenient.

5 Glass Storage Bowls w Lids

With 5 glass storage bowls and lids, this set provides a convenient way to store leftovers or prepped ingredients. The glass material is safe for food storage.


The entire set is free from BPA and PFOA, ensuring that the cookware and storage bowls are safe for food preparation and storage.