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ArmoGear Bow & Arrow Archery Set

ArmoGear Bow & Arrow Archery Set

ArmoGear Bow & Arrow Archery Set

Epic 20’ Striking Distance

Highly Accurate Dual Sights

Safety Trigger

Accurate Front & Rear Sight

High-Quality Construction

Intended for Ages 8 to Adult

Master your Marksmanship

Develop your target shooting skills with a next-gen kid archery set! With our revolutionary blaster-style bow, it’ll be a breeze to learn and master the classic sport of bow and arrow shooting. Challenge your friends to a fun archery contest and show ‘em what you got! Includes Blaster-Style Hand Bow, 2-in-1 Target Board and 6 Suction Cup Darts.

Fun for the Entire Family

There’s nothing in the world like the feeling of letting some arrows fly. Archery helps kids & teens develop patience, confidence and discipline while fine-tuning hand-eye coordination. This unbeatable youth archery kit brings hours of wholesome entertainment for ages 8 to adult.

We Have Your Back

We proudly back these kids hunting toys under our no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee. Feel free to contact us in case of any order-related issues to get friendly customer service along with the help you need.

Replacement darts from ArmoGear are available for separate purchase on .AIM FOR ACTION ????

Get ready, get set, and let those arrows fly! Armogear’s kids bow and arrow set offers all the fun of archery in an easier-to-use pistol-style bow. Includes a sturdy 9” target board with collapsible legs for standing and a hook for wall mounting.


With our epic toy archery set that feature a whopping 20 ft. shooting range, ridges that keep your darts in place (no quiver needed!), and a safety trigger that allows you to shoot only when the user is ready with the gun properly loaded.


Capped with rubber suction cups, these toy arrows adhere to the target board to display your wins for the world to see! Safe for indoor and outdoor use, they won’t damage furniture or walls. Use only under adult supervision, and never aim at eyes or faces.


Get maximum precision with this high-tech crossbow that comes equipped with an accuracy scope featuring both front and rear sights. Archery also helps kids and teens build confidence and patience while improving their marksmanship skills.

For nearly a decade ArmoGear has been devoping quality toys that inspire imaginative play, outdoor fun and creativity. Bring out the best in your little one!